CRM Sinagpore

Run your business from the palm of your hands. Less hassle, more control, CRM makes it easier, No.1 CRM for Singapore SME.

Easysales CRM help organization to develop efficient automated processes to improve business processes, and 360-degree view of all customer information, knowledge of what customers and the general market want, and integration with your existing applications to consolidate all business information.

You can use a CRM tool to get more visibility into your client base, ponder the tactics needed for long-term profitability, and formulate better plans that impel your staff to break new operational ground.

– finding out about your customers’ purchasing habits, opinions and preferences
– profiling individuals and groups to market more effectively and increase sales
– changing the way you operate to improve customer service and marketing

All-In-One NovoCRM Platform

Leads, Account & Contact Management

Giving you a bird's-eye view of everything you know about the people, companies and other organizations that you do business with.

Appointment, Task & Notes Management

Never miss a follow-up, Create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, submission deadlines and more. See who’s doing what and share tasks with co-workers.

Opportunities Management

Get a quick summary of opportunities on the go via the sales dashboard, including potential values, where they're up to, and what needs to be done next.

Quotes Management

Helps you prioritize your most promising and important deals, assign leads as they come in, and set up automated reminders to follow up. Staying on top of things ensures that important prospects don’t slip away.

Invoice & Payament Management

Track the status of completed and pending payments. Manage the complete cycle right from selling the property to its possession, along with dynamic square foot valuation with easy pricing.

Reports & Dashboard

Build custom reports to get deeper insight

Others module

Delivery Order Management
Services Contract Management
Employee Management